m7 Radio #18 Album "One" Preview Part 2


It continues to the last time, commemorating the fact that first full album "One" with iTunes Music Store Japan is sold is started, it sends album "One" preview part 2.

6.Shining Star
7.I'm Fallin'

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m7 Radio #17 Album "One" Preview Part 1


This time, commemorating the fact that first full album "One" is sold is started with iTunes Music Store Japan, we send album "One" preview part one.

1.Incomplete Love
2.Dream(TV Version)
3.The snow does not fall but the star has shone in the Christmas night
4.Circle Game(Album Version)
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m7 Radio #16 "As for the snow however it does not fall, the star as for the night when it falls Christmas"


X'mas.jpgIt became cold, and please pay attention to everyone not to catch cold.
Throughout the city directing also illumination to the winter largest event, it became cheerful.
So, that Christmas!
This time we deliver m7's only Christmas song.

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Feature it is new model iPod sale commemoration special plan second. In the past it is the same as the plan which is transmitted,but it recreated in the one for new model iPod. It is Shining Star promotion video.
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This time commemorating fifth generation iPod sale, we send feature program "m7TV". It is the video podcast. By all means transferring this program to up-to-date iPod, please carry about.
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m7 Radio #15 "Watcher of the Skyline (Rock Version)"


This time changing idea, we send unpublished demonstration tune. Remix tune of recording schedule is released to the new album for the first time.The tune which is refreshing fusion number, was born with hard arrangement and changed.Don't you think? completely like the tune which is different listening it exceeds. Mark warmed directly this arrangement.

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m7 Radio #14 "Incomplete Love"


The fact that we send is the number which decorates the opening of the album.
Being to be seasonally still a little early, it does, but placing in disco beat, it is the winter song which we send.
The season of skiing,the snow board and love are already immediately.

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m7 Radio #13 "Life"


This time first full album "One" special edition time it is second.As for sending, with the number which decorates the end of the album,as for this tune sound and contents of the lyric "it is heaviest",that are said in the m7 work.

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m7 Radio #12 "Tears"


For a while from this time, we send music from first full album of m7 "One".First we deliver is refreshing music of modern R&B taste. When you compare to the early work, it recognized was that the sound quality evolves?

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m7 Radio #11 "Shining Star(Original Version)"


Early work series, Part4. This time sending most is popularity in the m7 work, at the same time it is famous tune.
Being inspired in tragedy of the New York 911, it is the social tune which it made.
Afterwards recording it did again to do in the one for album, but this time we send with original version.

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